Non-payment of Police Salaries is Double Corruption and Unacceptable

The importance of the police and security officers cannot be over-emphasized. In all human societies, the Police officers, detectives, and special agents are responsible for enforcing statutes, laws, and regulations established to protect life and property. In other words, the Police, detectives, and special agents exist to maintain law and order, preserve the peace and to prevent crime. Hence, a well disciplined police service is a necessary requirement for the government fight against corruption.

It is within this context that the CACLD finds it ridiculous that a government fighting corruption is owing salaries and allowances of its police officers. Where does the Nigerian government expect these officers to get money to feed their families, pay their children’s school fees and take them to hospitals when sick?

That government workers and police officers are owed salaries and allowances amount to a doubling down of corruption. Not only that these officers are forced to be corrupt to make a living, they are also by their actions spreading corruption across the country. By not paying officers and government workers their salaries and allowances, the government is actually promoting corruption rather than fighting it. This situation is unacceptable in a democracy and must not be allowed to continue.

We therefore call on the Nigerian government as a matter of urgency to ensure that all outstanding salaries and allowances of police officers and government workers are paid. As an organization committed to Human Rights, Good Governance and inter-ethnic peace, CACLD is fully committed to the protection of the Rights and freedoms of all people in accordance with the basic rights and freedoms guaranteed by the UN Charter and African Union charter.

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18 -police salaries